Friday, March 14, 2014

Gorgeous Set at Majestical Jewelry (Review)

I've always said it, it's so nice being a girl. Well at my age, I still do consider myself as a girl. Especially when it comes to fashion choices. There are things that up until now I haven't fully outgrown. I mean I still love knee socks and pig tails and I would still drool over some colorful dangling earrings! Well I guess the girl in me do love some over the top stuff, and one of which is my newest find, a CUT OUT NECKLACE from Majestical Jewelry - a high fashion online only jewelry store specializing in handmade jewelry and statement pieces. It's a one of a kind accessory that makes you think of princesses in Egypt. It is quite huge actually and such a unique piece. Ah but when I first saw this, I was like I like that for my white candy tee or my black boyfriend work shirt just i did in the photo above! Anyway if you're interested for this kind of accessories, do visit Majestical Jewelry online shop see a bunch of amazing stuff! They have this amazing deals you could ever find on jewelry lines around right now from 20% up to 80% of awesome deals plus i tell you their collection is simply one the greatest fashion jewelry for women. I truly love what i've got from Majestical. 

So far until now i wear them all the time but no changes of colors, fading whatsoever. Every one sees it gives me the sweetest compliment how lovely the pieces are.

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Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid or any compensation to give my honest opinion.

Working Shoe (Restaurant)

I love my new working comfort shoes i just bought for my restaurant job. I was looking for something comfortable and non slippery one and this pair has it both. Although, at first am not fond of the style and color but i have to embrace it that i really need so i have the best time during duty. Well, to add a little fashion to it i chose a shiny one instead of the other. So far i love it and it won't hurt my feet for a long 6-7 hours of walking and standing. Wink!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Search for kiddos new past time hobby

Who says playing guitar is an out-of-date hobby for your children? Well today, together with the common guitar, compressors or limiter circuits with single controls for compression and level are readily made available at lower prices compared before. The carl martin quattro at guitar center compressor/ limiter has two-channel overdrive that has on-off switches, tone, level controls and selections between crunch and high-gain stages are also available. It's very user friendly, there are no hard to read screens, scrolling through hard to comprehend menus are done away with. It's literally a "just set-up and play" thing. Probably it is the simplest multi-effect the market offers today.

Victoria's Secret

Will take my day off to going to the mall and VS. They said me coupons and gift certificates when they have specials and stuff. So before it expired i will redeem my free underwear from them and send it along the other goodies set aside for my family in Philippines! My mom, sister, grandma, aunts and cousins they will be happy for sure. Just like any other girls out there i love shopping VS specially their fragrances and beauty stuff. Wink!