Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Little Man

I was checking guitarcenter and once again the thoughts of seeing my son master an instrument gave made me smile big time. I asked the little man what could be that instrument and he picks the piano. He do enjoys the old piano in his grandparents house but his interest in music is just a fragment compared to his interest in drawing. His eyes go brighter and bigger everytime he's on his working desk with all his pens and colors. Well I'm just so happy that he got his artist genes from my brother. Whether a musician or a painter, I am one proud mama here, winks!

Best Deal Lately

Got this great deal for kids the other day. Well my favorite kids online shop is having the summer event up to 90% off selected items for boys and girls from school uniforms to fashion outfits! I was so thrilled when shopping that day as what you cans see the prices are pretty amazing! I purchased of total 13 items these are fro my lil girl girl and got some for her brother as well. Plus a baby girl dress to give to their lil baby girl cousin. I spent a total of $49.+ including shipping and you couldn't believe how much i save! Total of $250.00 for the original price! So happy and will definitely shop more later on. Wink

Friday, August 1, 2014

Clothes Are More Important to Your Child’s Development Than You Might Think

Clothes affect several aspects of a human being’s development from infancy through adulthood. The toddler and tween years can have a significant, lifelong impact on self-esteem and learning ability. Surprisingly, clothing can make these impacts more positive or negative, depending on several different factors. To help your little girl experience positive development throughout childhood, choose girls clothing that aids rather than hinders this endeavor.

Why Clothes Matter

Clothes function as so much more than just an aspect of outward appearance. The relationship between clothing and the brain can give insight into the importance of what one chooses to wear.

  1. Movement and brain wiring: Although some functions of the brain, such as breathing and heartbeats, come hardwired at birth, most of the brain’s development results from day-to-day experiences. Movement creates networks in the brain that are crucial for learning. This applies not only to infants, but toddlers, tweens, and young adults alike. At any stage of development, children should be wearing clothes that allow for easy movement. This produces an environment where children can explore and experience stimuli so they can cultivate self-esteem, creativity, and increased learning ability.
  2. Experiencing a full childhood: Some children try to dress like mini adults. Since childhood comes and goes so quickly, children should be able to enjoy a full and wholesome one without the pressure to grow up too fast. Making sure your child wears age appropriate clothing can encourage her to enjoy childhood to the fullest and feel natural playing and exploring in clothes that suit the purposes of childhood. 
  3. The link between clothing and behavior: Wearing certain clothing elicits certain behavior. A child dressed as a child is more likely to behave like one instead of trying to be something she is not. Fun clothes can encourage children to have fun. Those with colors and prints associated with feelings of excitement and happiness can increase your child’s self-esteem which can lead her to be more socially active and independent.  
Which Clothes Are Best 

Since clothes play such an important part in the development and life of a child, careful consideration should be put into the process of choosing the best apparel. Clothes should be comfortable to allow for maximum maneuverability. Materials that stretch and do not restrain are the best for playing and other childlike activities. Clothes should also be fun, cute, and to the taste of the child. Including children in the process of shopping for clothes can ensure that they end up wearing clothes that boost their confidence and add to their happiness. Since little people grow so fast, dealing out a lot of cash for outfits that do not fit for very long simply does not make sense. Look for clothes that are on the cheap side so you can get new clothes that fit the developmental standards each time your child grows an inch or two.

You can further the development of your child by dressing her in girls clothing that encourages movement through comfort and playful behavior through fun designs and colors. Nothing is better than helping your child be the little girl she deserves to be for the brief period called childhood.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

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