Friday, January 16, 2015

Goody Goods!

The husband is busy making crafts for the up and coming festival here in our area. Lots of good stuff to offer and I myself am excited. Another thing, I love festival since it's the perfect place to find those unique and interesting stuff for almost anything. I love the food, first of. I would often find myself in a dilemma which to try. This time though, I am actually looking for a living room furniture, something unconventional, modern, yet simple. I love our red sofa right now but I'm looking for something that reminds me of Japanese homes. Hmm, I wonder what can I get! And yes chinawares, I'm such a sucker for chinawares, I hope to find really great bargains at the festival. Oh and maybe living room furniture too, been so busy lately and I deserve some shopping spree. LOL!

Random Info

You could be one of those looking for cheap Zvex deals right now. Hunt no more, there are lots of great deals at Musician's Friend. What is zvex by the way? I don't know much though but what I know is that they are the guys who gives us unique, handpainted sound systems, guitars, etc. So there you go, head on to some cool finds and grab yourself something that makes you happy. Have a well-rested yet fun-filled weekend my friends. I can't believe I'm writing today, woke up in the wrong side of the bed maybe? It makes me feel good though. Winks!

Victoria Secret Shopping

I was very excited about my recent shopping spree experienced at Victoria Secret in our local mall. taking advantage of their year end sale and grabbed bunch of my favorite fragrance and also bought some extra goodies for my family in the Philippines my sister and mom and aunts and cousins as well. I am just overwhelmed how much i bought in one shopping unusual fro me actually, lol. But the huge sales up to 80% is what made me decided to spent that much! Am a happy camper now! wink.

Friday, November 28, 2014


I had a nice chat with sis-in-law the other day, glad to know her small business is thriving. One thing I had to share with her was the tips and advice I got from successful online entrepreneurs. It's about having a good start, a nice impression and presentation to your business. It starts by knowing what you really want then have something that makes you unique from the others. It's more of like your Marketing Page where you show future clients your products or services. I hope our short but sweet chit chat be of support to her especially now that she is still new to business.