Friday, November 28, 2014


I had a nice chat with sis-in-law the other day, glad to know her small business is thriving. One thing I had to share with her was the tips and advice I got from successful online entrepreneurs. It's about having a good start, a nice impression and presentation to your business. It starts by knowing what you really want then have something that makes you unique from the others. It's more of like your Marketing Page where you show future clients your products or services. I hope our short but sweet chit chat be of support to her especially now that she is still new to business.

Black Friday Shoe Lists

 Red Pointed Heels

 Neutral Color Illusion Flat

Printed Color Platform Wedge

I love all the styles i picked they are very trendy yet simple. I know some shoes nowadays are exaggerated from highest heels to overwhelming designs and i don't like that honestly. Anyway, today i the perfect day to go shopping you know because it's Black Friday of course everything is in great deal, lots of discounts and huge sales! Would love to check my other online stores today will see what we can find! Wink!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Good morning!

Busy days seems never ending and I barely get the chance to be online these days, like I used to. But on times like this when I need fast answers to my queries, I just got to surf with my fingers. I'm talking about rush table cover, something neat, nice and customed. It's been awhile i haven't do much of mingling with friends and family so I'm planning to invite peeps for a themed dinner and a new table cover will definitely do some trick. I think I found one and me likey, likey!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dresses for the missy!

Lately i realized my daughter is growing and all her clothing are getting behind! So i thought i need to start cleaning out her closet and get new stuff for her including shoes as well. I visited my favorite kids online shopping store two days ago and found these beautiful dress that i couldn't resist! Ofcourse i asked her opinion because i won't get anything not her taste of style, lol. My dearest daughter agree about the color, designs and absolutely her style. I can't believed how much only these two adorable dresses I've saved like $57. something dollars, It is a great deal indeed. This website won't let me down as always!